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Who can be an egg donor?

Prospective egg donor should be:

  • Young (less than 30 years old)
  • Educated
  • Healthy
  • And preferably have proven their fertility (by having had at least one baby).

Women who have had a tubal ligation (family planning operation) are also eligible, as are those who have an IUCD in place.

We will need to test you to make sure you are negative for HIV, HBSAg and VDRL. You will need to take daily injections for about 10 days; and will need to come for scans to the clinic about 4-5 times. Donating eggs will not harm your future fertility or affect your health.


Egg donation process

The egg donation process involves the following:

  • Egg Retrieval - Egg collection is accomplished today by ultrasound-guided aspiration
  • Insemination and Fertilization - A defined number of sperm ( usually 100,000 sperm/ ml) is placed with each egg in a separate dish containing IVF culture medium.
  • Embryo Transfer - The embryos are deposited with great care in the uterine cavity.
  • Click here for a detailed description of the entire donation process.



    Our patients are happy to pay generously for your generosity!

    They pay you upto Rs 50000 every time you donate. Please contact us if you would like to help infertile couples start a family !


    Register as an egg donor

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    Egg Donor FAQ's

    What is the minimum age for being an egg donor?

    You should be between 20 and 30 years of age and be married.

    Are there any risks to being an egg donor?

    In a good clinic which monitors you carefully , the risk of egg donation is negligible !

    What is super ovulation? Does it really need to be done?

    Many egg donors are understandably reluctant to take injections when donating their eggs ! " I am young, healthy and fertile, so why do I need to take injections. Can't we just donate the one egg I grow every month " is a common question !Superovulation forms the heart of modern IVF. We use medications to help you grow more eggs. Every month you start to grow about 30-40 follicles, but in a natural cycle, most of these undergo atresia (die), so that only one matures every month, in the normal course of events. With the help of medications, we are able to rescue follicles which would otherwise have died, so that we can help you to grow many mature eggs in one cycle.It's important that you grow many eggs as this allows us to create many embryos in the IVF lab, thus increasing the chances of success !

    How many eggs will be taken from me?

    On an average, egg donors grow between 8 to 16 mature eggs every time they donate their eggs.

    Will I need my husband's permission for becoming an egg donor?



    Why I donated my eggs!

    It is a true pleasure for me to write those few words of recommendation for Dr. Malpani.I visited the centre 3 months ago enquiring about wanting to donate eggs. The first thing that put me into immediate ease was the staff and their excellent care towards the patient.The whole process of donating eggs took less than 15 minutes. I could take the medicines at home and just visit the clinic for scans - which was a great convenient for a workingwoman like me. There was no pain, no problems at all. Everything went smoothly !

    It was indeed a great feeling to help other people who are not able to produce their own.Certain things like these - donating eggs being one, cannot be made or bought off the counter. Hence, I suggest you all to help if you can!

    I'd also like to compliment the lovely team of receptionists, as well as the sisters who have always been very pleasant, positive and attentive to my needs.


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