Egg Donation Process for Recipients

Egg Donation Process for Recipients

In the past, we used to use fresh donor eggs, which meant that we needed to synchronise your cycle with that of your donor, so that your uterine lining would grow in synch with her eggs . Sadly, this did not always go as planned, because biological systems are unpredictable and messy. This meant that the pregnancy rates would drop.

This is why we now only use frozen donor eggs from our egg bank for our donor egg IVF program.  Because we vitrify eggs, our pregnancy rates are as good as with frozen eggs, because the survival rate is 100% !

When we do ICSI on these frozen eggs, we end up getting fresh embryos at the time of transfer , which is  why our pregnancy rate is 46% per cycle when we transfer a single blastocyst.

This is much better for you as well , as we can guarantee that we will have at least 10 mature eggs for you. It also allows us to match the physical traits of your donor with yours ( such as blood groups , skin complexion and height). It also allows us to quarantine the eggs, so there is no risk of HIV transmission.

This is your donor egg IVF treatment plan

The treatment takes 20 days, and starts from Day 2 of your cycle. 

Day 1 is the day your period ( flow) starts

We do an ultrasound scan on Day 2 to confirm there is no ovarian cyst, after which we start
your treatment with 3 tablets daily of Progynova ( estradiol valerate, 2 mg each).  You can do this scan locally if you want

Please find a digital ultrasound scanner for your scan . 
They will burn the images as a jpeg file on a CD or flash drive.
I want the raw images as jpeg files please -  not scanned in copies of the paper printout - too much loss of resolution with this !

We do the next scan on Day 10, after which you would have to be in Bombay
for about 10 days.  We freeze your husband's sperm at this time as well, so we can use this as needed

All the treatment is performed at our clinic, which means you
never have to go elsewhere.

This is what the daily schedule would look like.

Day 1. No action needed
Day 2.  Vaginal ultrasound scan to confirm there is no ovarian cyst. If there is no cyst, we can commence treatment.
Day 2. Tab Progynova ( 2 mg) 3 tab daily
Day 3 Tab Progynova ( 2 mg) 3 tab daily
Day 4 Tab Progynova ( 2 mg) 3 tab daily
Day 5  Tab Progynova ( 2 mg) 3 tab daily
Day 6  Tab Progynova ( 2 mg) 3 tab daily
Day 7  Tab Progynova ( 2 mg) 3 tab daily
Day 8 Tab Progynova ( 2 mg) 3 tab daily
Day 9 Tab Progynova ( 2 mg) 3 tab daily
Day 10. Tab Progynova ( 2 mg) 3 tab daily 
Vaginal ultrasound scan to monitor endometrial thickness. 
The  Progynova will continue on a daily basis, until your lining is ready. This is usually Day 12- Day 14 for most patients.

The frozen eggs are thawed and fertlilised  with your husband's frozen sperm sample

Embryo transfer is performed 5 days later; and supernumerary embryos , if any, are cryopreserved. 
After the transfer, luteal phase support is provided with daily Progynova ( estradiol valerate2 mg, 3 tab daily; and Susten ( 400 mg), 2 vaginal suppositories daily.
You can travel back 2 days after the embryo transfer.
12 days after the transfer, you need to do a blood test for beta HCG to confirm a pregnancy.

Our pregnancy rate is 46% when we transfer 1 blastocyst

I need the results of the following simple medical tests before starting
a donor egg IVF cycle.

1. semen analysis for your husband ( to check his sperm count and motility);
2. blood tests for you for the following reproductive hormones - PRL ( prolactin) and TSH ( thyroid stimulating hormone) .  Do this from a reliable lab like SRL (
3. A vaginal ultrasound scan on Day 10 or 11 which should check for the following.

a. ovarian volume
b. antral follicle count
c. uterus morphology
d. endometrial thickness and texture

Please send me the detailed test results and medical reports . You can scan them in as a single Word file and email them to me.

If the tests have been done in the past one year, there is no need to repeat them.
If there is a problem, then we can treat it prior to starting IVF!

What if you have no periods because you are menopausal ? This makes it even easier !

Normally, donor egg IVF treatment starts from Day 1 ( the day the bleeding starts) of your cycle.

In your case, since you do not have a period, we can start on any day because you are naturally downregulated, and you can count any day as Day 1 !

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