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We have a very active egg donor program and do over 50 donor egg IVF cycles every year. We have many egg donors of proven fertility. Egg donation is anonymous and confidential. This means you will never get to see the donor – and the donor will never know to whom her eggs are going.

While most patients are relieved and happy about the anonymity, many are uncomfortable with the fact that they cannot see photos of the egg donor. I understand this concern, but ICMR guidelines prohibit us from breaking donor confidentiality.

Egg Donor Services in India

Egg donation in India is very cost effective – especially for NRIs ! Indian egg donors are very hard to come by in the US – and the waiting list for an Indian egg donor in the UK can be as long as a few years!

IVF technology in India is on par with any where in the world – and our success rates for donor egg IVF when we transfer 1 blastocyst is 46% per cycle!

Because we have such high success rates, we can also offer you a shared risk treatment option.

Taking treatment at a world-class clinic will maximise your chances of success and give you peace of mind you did your best !

Egg Donor Profiles

Our egg donors are healthy young fertile Indian women ( all of whom are less than 30 years of age , have been medically tested for their fertility ; and screened for infectious diseases such as hepatitis and AIDS ) on our egg donor panel, who have been fully evaluated.

Dr Aniruddha Malpani selects all our egg donors and screens them personally. The egg donor is super ovulated exclusively for you, ensuring a high success rate. Egg donation in our clinic is anonymous and confidential – we do not do any egg sharing.

Egg donation in our clinic is anonymous and confidential, and we protect your identity as well as that of the egg donor.

The egg donation process involves the following:
• Egg Retrieval – Egg collection is accomplished today by ultrasound-guided aspiration
• Insemination and Fertilization – A defined number of sperm ( usually 100,000 sperm/ ml) is placed with each egg in a separate dish containing IVF culture medium.
• Embryo Transfer – The embryos are deposited with great care in the uterine cavity.

Egg donation versus surrogacy

Research shows that the reason for failed implantation is much more likely to be genetically abnormal embryos ( because of poor quality eggs), rather than a uterine problem. In these cases a egg donor transfer would be the better treatment option. It is much less expensive; and has a higher success rate, since it’s allowing us to bypass the basic problem. It’s also much more socially acceptable, since it’s the parent’s name on the birth certificate, so that no one else needs to know that the child was born as a result of egg donation. Even better, it allows for much better bonding, as the mother can experience the pregnancy herself !

Unfortunately, most IVF doctors do not bother to explain alternative options to their patients , because they can charge much for surrogacy. This is actually a misuse of surrogacy treatment which preys on the infertile couple’s ignorance and desperation !

Aspiring parents FAQ's

How does it differ from embryo adoption?

Both egg donation and embryo adoption are effective treatment option for women with poor ovarian reserve. With egg donation, we use donor eggs and your husband’s sperm. With embryo adoption, both the eggs and and the sperm come from donors. Egg donation is more expensive than embryo adoption; and takes longer to perform, because we need to synchronise your cycle with that of your egg donor.

What are the legal aspects of egg donation?

The ICMR guidelines allow commercial egg donation, provided it is anonymous and confidential. The egg donor has no rights over her eggs, and signs a contract -cum-consent with the clinic, agreeing to this.

Will we be able to screen the donors personally?

ICMR guidelines only allow commercial egg donation; and the donation has to be anonymous and confidential. I understand that going in for egg donation is a major step and can be quite difficult, especially for young women with premature ovarian failure. It’s a major leap of faith, and not being able to see the egg donor can cause a lot of anxiety. However, you need to be able to trust your doctor !

The fact that the donor is anonymous and confidential does cause major heart burn ?€” after all, it’s hard to allow someone whom you do not know and will never see entry into such an important and private part of your life !

Also, there will always be major nightmares and fantasies and what the donor looks like and what the child will look like ! You need to do some soul searching to answer the key question – what do you want ?

Why do you want a child? Do you want to transmit your genes? Or do you want to be a parent? These are difficult questions, but if you are clear in your goals and desires, and find that your priority is to bring up a child with your spouse, then using donor eggs is a very effective method of building your family.

While it’s always impossible to predict what your child will look like physically, your child will talk like you and will pick up your mannerisms, because you are bringing your child up !


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